Juhi Singh

Juhi Singh, LAc is an Oriental Medicine Specialist, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, and has been featured on CNN, ABC and in numerous publications as a "miracle worker" that "delivers long lasting beauty, health and happiness" for her patients. Rapidly emerging as the new face of holistic living, Juhi is a thought-leader in the field of acupuncture and has a clientele consisting of professional athletes, actors, musicians and Fortune 500 corporations. Most recently her Facial Rejuvenation Program and the Acu-Facelift, a non-surgical method with benefits that can surpass surgical facelifts, was featured in Forbes and received recognition at the Emmy and Oscar Awards.

Juhi works alongside world re-known practitioners to develop an integrated approach that combines the best of Eastern and Western modalities to create powerful outcomes. Currently she is collaborating with Dr. Jonathan Glashow, MD, the Co-Chief of Sports Medicine at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center and team doctor for the Philadelphia 76ers on the treatment of high performance athletes and professionals.

Juhi has also devised a program of Therapeutic Yoga whereby acupuncture and acupressure points and meridians are correlated with specific yoga poses to promote instantaneous healing. She’s applied such techniques during her extensive travel across the developing world where she trains native medical practitioners – from MDs to medicine men – on low cost, high impact natural medicine. She funds much of this work through her Until Tomorrow Project, a guided meditation program offered through CDs that uses language and the music of Karsh Kale to achieve a peaceful state of being and allows for the best possible sleep.

Juhi's academic training includes a B.A. in Psychology concentrating in Biology and an M.A. from the Pacific College of Chinese Medicine. She was mentored by the esteemed Asha Wollman, a pioneer in contemporary alternative medicine, who used acupuncture to cure Juhi of several chronic ailments during her childhood after Western medicine had failed to deliver a solution. Much of her philosophy comes from the instruction of Patanjali and other Yoga Sutras on "non-attachment", a theory that teaches individuals to live their lives free of expectation. Her practice is located at 737 Park Ave, Suite 1C, in New York City.



Acupuncture is an alternative medicine methodology originating in ancient China that treats patients by manipulating thin, solid needles that have been inserted into acupuncture points in the skin. According to Traditional Chinese medicine , stimulating these points can correct imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians meridians Scientific research has not found any histological or physiological correlates for qi, meridians and acupuncture points,and some contemporary practitioners needle the body without using the traditional theoretical framework.


Ayurveda or ayurvedic medicine is a Hindu system of traditional medicine native to India and a form of alternative medicine. The earliest literature on Indian medical practice appeared during the Vedic period in India, i.e., in the mid-second millennium BCE. The Susruta Samhita and the Charaka Samhita, encyclopedias of medicine compiled from various sources from the mid-first millennium BCE to about 500 CE, are among the foundational works of Ayurveda. Over the following centuries, ayurvedic practitioners developed a number of medicinal preparations and surgical procedures for the treatment of various ailments.Current practices derived (or reportedly derived) from Ayurvedic medicine are regarded as part of complementary and alternative medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine uses a variety of herbs to restore balance to the body.

Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can provide a safe, effective, natural and drug-free and non-surgical approach to reduce signs of aging. A facial rejuvenation using this ancient technique can improve muscle tone of the face and neck while addressing underlying imbalances that may have contributed to the aging process.


Reiki is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui , which has since been adapted by various teachers of varying traditions. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands on healing as a form of alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional medical bodies.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy, derived from the Yoga tradition of Patanjali and the Ayurvedic system of health care refers to the adaptation and application of Yoga techniques and practices to help individuals facing health challenges at any level manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve attitude.